The 2017 SuperNationals was the largest chess tournament in history, with 5,577 participants.  
BNASC is proud to acknowledge the following champions from SuperNationals VI:
  • Sreeansh Reddy, Chiddix Junior High, 1st Place 900-999 K6 Championship
  • Colene Hoose, 1st Place K5 Under 900
  • Vamsi Munaganuri, Colene Hoose Elementary, 1st Place K1 Under 500
Congratulations to the following winners from SuperNationals VI:
  • Jacob Davis, Parkside Junior High, 12th Place K12 Under 1600
  • Nathan Fisher, Heyworth High School, 45th Place K12 Under 1600
  • Heyworth High School, 22nd Place, K12 Under 1600
  • Joseph Kessinger, Normal West High School, 30th Place K12 Under 1200
  • Henry Lovellette, Normal West High School, 19th Place K12 Under 800
  • Normal West High School, 20th Place K12 Under 800
  • Jason Daniels, Chiddix Junior High, 19th Place K8 Championship
  • Adithya Sathyamurthy, Chiddix Junior High, 2nd Place 900-999 K6 Championship
  • Sadkrith Malladi, Benjamin Elementary School, 14th Place K6 Under 1400
  • Rahul Bammidi, Glenn Elementary, 15th Place K6 Under 1400
  • Seth Parent, Colene Hoose Elementary, 12th Place K5 Under 900
  • John Burras, Colene Hoose Elementary, 13th Place K5 Under 900
  • Pragyan Misra, Colene Hoose Elementary, 45th Place K5 Under 900
  • Grove Elementary, 13th Place K3 Under 1000
  • Akshith Narava, Cedar Ridge Elementary, 14th Place K1 Championship
  • Colene Hoose Elementary, 12th Place K1 Under 500
  • Jason Daniels, Chiddix Junior High, 7th Place K-9 Blitz
  • Alex Daniels, Grove Elementary, 3rd Place 1000-1099 K3 Blitz
  • Jason Daniels, Chiddix Junior High, 3rd Place K9 Bughouse

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